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Who Shrunk My Jeans?!

Who Shrunk My Jeans?!

Perimenopausal Weight Gain 

You've hit that point where your period takes a year-long vacation? Welcome to menopause! But before that, you're in what's called perimenopause, the run-up to the big M. 

Perimenopause is like a rollercoaster ride that lasts about four years on average, but it's different for everyone. Your hormones are fluctuating, and as a result, you start to experience symptoms you struggle to control, including your weight.

You might notice fat hanging around your belly that never did before. Blame those hormonal shifts for messing with your metabolism, particularly estrogen, which plays a role in how your body handles fats. Check out Fat Grabbers for a little extra support.

These changes aren't just about how your jeans fit. They can mess with your health, putting you at risk for health conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Plus, those hormone swings can make you feel like you're constantly hungry, thanks to a pesky hormone called ghrelin, aka the "hunger hormone." And as the years tick by, we also naturally lose muscle mass, which slows down our metabolism.

But it's not all doom and gloom!

Start by cleaning up your diet
Load up on whole foods, especially ones packed with protein and fibre. Fibre keeps a healthy microbiome, pair with high quality Protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer and will help maintain your muscle mass to burn those calories.

Reduce the snacking ladies
You can't burn off the muffin top when you keep eating the muffins. Stay the course with balanced meals so you are less likely to prowl around the kitchen.

Next up, get moving!
Regular exercise, especially weightlifting, can do wonders for your health as you age.

Don't forget to catch those Z's!
Quality sleep is crucial for both your physical and mental well-being.

Sure, perimenopause might throw you a curveball or two, but with a little TLC -good food, exercise, sleep, and stress management - you can keep that weight gain in check and glide through this phase like a boss.

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