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Sleep Science

Sleep Science

When considering the most important part of your week, you likely won’t think of the time you’re unconsciously drifting in La La Land, but quality sleep is foundational to a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re a light sleeper or a deeper sleeper, getting enough shut-eye impacts you physically, mentally and emotionally - so get to bed on time! 

What Are the Physical Benefits of Sleep?

Sleep time is recovery time for your body. As you slumber the body enters an anabolic state that promotes repair and growth. Your brain signals the body to release hormones, including human growth hormone, which promotes the growth, maintenance and repair of muscles and bones. 

Other hormones released during sleep decrease your risk of certain health conditions. Getting at least five hours of sleep each night can reduce your risk of high blood pressure. Sleep also affects your body’s ability to release insulin, the hormone responsible for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. And getting enough rest at night primes our immune defenses.  

Deep sleep really is beauty sleep, as the skin’s metabolic rate increases during this period while the breakdown of proteins is reduced. Healthy sleep habits also help maintain healthy weight.

Do I Have Insomnia?

By far the most common sleep disorder, occasional insomnia affects about half of all people. While it’s normal to have a bad night’s sleep here and there, if you regularly have difficulty getting to sleep or are waking in the middle of the night and can’t sleep again, then you may need some added nutritional support.

Supplement Support

No one wants to rely on pills and potions to get a good nights sleep, but sometimes a little extra help is needed. An overactive mind, added family or work stresses, sore muscles - the list can go on and on with all the reasons why we cant sleep. so understanding your key concerns will help choose a solution thats right for you. 

Prescription sleeping pills might knock you out but can also leave you feeling drowsy and fatigued the following day. Nature's Sunshine has a large range products that can help address some core concerns without the side effects

Some of our favourites to promote a more restful sleep

Anti-Anx             To calm an overactive mind

Herbal Sleep      To calm nervous tension and stress

Magnesium        To relax sore or tired muscles and muscle cramps


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