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Parasites are a far more common problem than most people think. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly half of the world’s population is infected with parasites. The WHO categorizes parasites as among the six most harmful diseases that infect humans. These pathogens now outrank cancer as the number-one killer in the world today and account for much of the illnesses.

The magnitude of these infections is absolutely staggering. According to Ann Louise Gittleman CNS, renowned author and life-long holistic health and nutritional pioneer on detoxification and weight loss, says that as many as 8 in 10 people could harbor unwanted parasites that disrupt our metabolic processes, steal nutrients from us, negatively impact our energy and compromise brain function. Ann Louise says that: “Good health is paved with good intestines” and if you think parasites are a problem only in developing countries or the tropics, then you are in for some shocking news. The rate of parasitic related disorders world-wide is skyrocketing and new research suggests that parasites could be making you fat because they block nutrients, and when you have parasites or microscopic invaders it creates inflammation that suppresses your metabolism.

What are parasites?

Parasites are organisms that live in or on another organism (the host), at the expense of the host, and often compete for nutrition. The host will be injured to some degree from this relationship. Their sizes range from very small microscopic ameba’s to very large intestinal worms that can grow to several feet long. 

Parasites prey on people with weakened immunity. No one is totally immune, not even the healthiest people alive. We can, however, keep our bodies in very good condition, which is a non-ideal environment for parasites to enter and thrive. The best prevention against parasites is a strong, healthy immune system. 

How do we get parasites?

Parasites live everywhere and are commonly transmitted to humans in diverse ways, such as insect bites, walking barefoot, and eating under-cooked meats and fish. We are now exposed to chemicals and solvents in our food plus our surroundings can also contribute to our susceptibility.

The toxoplasmosis parasite is one of the most common pet-related parasitic infections, it is also transmitted by eating undercooked meat, particularly lamb and pork, or unwashed vegetables contaminated with dirt containing cat feces.

We now import several thousand tons of food each year. The further products travel, the more likely they will pick up illness-causing microbes. 

Parasites can also get into the body by putting hands in the mouth after being in contact with something that has the parasite in or on it. Sharing drinks, kissing, sexual contact, and even inhaling dust that contains the eggs or cysts of these organisms, are all ways parasites enter the body.

Young children are at high risk of getting parasites. Much of their time is spent exploring their world and part of this time is spent by putting their unwashed hands in their mouths. Because of their close relationships with their pets, parasites can be transferred when the cat or dog licks the child with their tongue, after having cleaned themselves first.

Many parasites go undetected because they don’t produce any serious symptoms, or only produce symptoms at one stage in their lives. It is easy to attribute feeling ill to other causes because it can look like a hundred other conditions. 

Parasite Symptoms

Parasites can cause numerous acute and chronic symptoms, including severe and sometimes explosive diarrhea; bloody greasy or foul-smelling stools; abdominal pain and cramps; bloating and gas; constipation; nausea; fever; malaise and weakness; weight-loss; chronic fatigue; food allergies; milk and/or gluten intolerance; hives; yeast overgrowth; vitamin B12 deficiency; irritability; chemical hypersensitivity; arthritis; asthma; and immune dysfunction. 

Parasite Cleansing

During certain stages of growth, certain microorganisms react to natural chemicals found in herbs, spices and other nutrients. Nature’s Sunshine’s Para-Cleanse is designed to destroy and eliminate parasites and worms from the body.

This herbal preparation is designed to be taken for a period of ten days, to support and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract while providing a special emphasis on destroying parasites, yeast, fungi and other unhealthy microbes.
Para-Cleanse also improves digestion and liver health, supports immune function, and soothes and heals the gastrointestinal tract tissues.  

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