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Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
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Berberine - Is it Natures Ozempic?

This bright yellow supplement went viral, when it was compared to Ozempic for its weight loss possibilities. It had over 100 million views on TikTok and countless mentions in publications like the NY Times, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal. People everywhere started snapping it up, enjoying the powerful health benefits it could provide. 


Berberine is an alkaloid extracted from Indian barberry root (Berberis vulgaris). It has been used in both Ayurvedic (Indian) and Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2,000 years for gastrointestinal issues, energy and well-being.

Today, berberine is in the limelight for its natural support for metabolism, weight loss and gut health.


  • Helps your cells draw energy from glucose and fats more effectively 
  • Promotes a healthy gut biome and protects the gut barrier
  • Helps maintain already-normal-range glucose and cholesterol levels
  • Helps support healthy blood pressure levels 
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism by helping to decrease insulin resistance
  • May help you feel more energised 


Researchers have discovered that Berberine activates adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK. So, what that means is, Berberine naturally turns your cells from idle, to on, by flipping the switch on AMPK and powering up cellular energy production. This allows our bodies do a better job of metabolizing or breaking down both glucose (sugar) and fat for energy.

Berberine also combats endotoxins to support healthy gut performance. Eating lots of carbohydrates can trigger gut bacteria to release huge amounts of endotoxins, and these interfere with the normal metabolism of glucose. Berberine targets unwanted gut bacteria and makes it hard for them to stick to intestinal cells, which in turn supports glucose metabolism. In this way, berberine aids gut barrier function by helping your gut be a better gatekeeper against the nasty things that you want to keep out.


Nature’s Sunshine sources non-GMO Indian barberry root (Berberine) from the Himalayan Mountains where the altitude and potassium-rich soil create a perfect environment. We’ve personally visited this partner and have witnessed how local wildcrafters carefully harvest only a portion of the roots, leaving plants intact for future harvests

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