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Balancing Your Sugar Levels

Balancing Your Sugar Levels

Summer, picnics, Christmas parties and family festivities that are often in abundance during this season - and we should enjoy them! Being mindful of your sugar intake—and knowing what to do if you overdo it  - can keep you feeling good, and on track with your health and wellness goals.  

In small quantities, sugar isn’t bad. However, overindulging in the sweet stuff can often lead to break outs, stomach ache or other forms of digestive distress. When large amounts of sugar is digested, it can react with your internal gut bacteria. This leads to a fermentation process that can cause gas, bloating and cramps and can result in stomach pains.  

If you need some dietary support, try adding in some natural supplements that can help manage sugar cravings, or soothe your stomach after a few too many of your favourite goodies have been consumed. 

Manage the cravings with SugarReg. Featuring a researched, proprietary blend of field-tested ingredients SugarReg can help balance healthy blood sugar levels for better overall wellness.  


  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels  
  • Helps manage sugar cravings
  • May help healthy cholesterol levels
  • Can support weight management goals

If you need to aid an unsettled tummy, try Stomach Comfort. Formulated by the experts at Nature’s Sunshine, Stomach Comfort offers a unique nutrient blend to buffer stomach acid and aid smooth, comfortable digestion.   


  • Relieves digestive discomfort  
  • Neutralises stomach acid  
  • Supports the digestive process

Whatever your holiday plans, enjoy all the festivities on offer - Nature's Sunshine is here to give you a helping hand so you can feel your very best. 

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