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The Pancreas

The Pancreas

The pancreas is located deep in the abdomen behind the stomach. It plays an essential role in producing enzymes and hormones that help digest food and regulate blood sugar and energy levels.

One of those hormones it produces is insulin, necessary to regulate glucose. Not being able to produce insulin or use it effectively leads to raised glucose levels in the blood (known as hyperglycaemia). Over the long-term high glucose levels are associated with damage to the body and failure of various organs and tissues.

Another condition that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, or when the body cannot make good use of insulin, is diabetes. There is also prediabetes, meaning blood glucose levels are outside of the normal range, but not high enough to have diabetes. This could happen if the pancreas is slowing down production of insulin or the body isn’t using insulin as well as it should.

Pancreatitis happens when the pancreas becomes inflamed. The digestive enzymes the pancreas makes attack the pancreas and cause severe abdominal pain, weight loss and diarrhoea.

So it’s pretty clear we need to keep the pancreas operating at its best and although we can sing the benefits of a balanced diet, regular exercise and reducing alcohol and tobacco, the need for medical or supplemental support is often required.

And this was why Pro-Pancreas was developed. Seeing pancreatic conditions on the increase and the need for natural support, the medical and research team at Nature’s Sunshine looked into a combination of nutrients that have been shown to provide the support this vital organ needs to function optimally.

Pro-Pancreas contains 14 herbs that help to support and maintain healthy blood sugar levels, digestion, toxin cleansing and detoxifying, muscle function and support for the prostate gland, kidneys and liver. Pro-Pancreas supplies the body with chromium, selenium, iron, zinc, sodium, vitamin A, Vitamin C and niacin.

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