Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
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Pregnancy - The final few weeks

Pregnancy - The final few weeks

At 36 weeks the countdown is definitely on. Just like the first trimester, the last few weeks are experienced differently for all women.

There will undoubtedly be an aray of rather challenging symptoms many women go through during the last few weeks such as vomiting, emotions swinging like a pendulum, difficulty bending over, swollen feet, leg cramps, excessive toilet trips, heart burn, back ache, acne and trouble sleeping to name but a few.

Add to these a flood of hormones and things can get extremely emotional - for everyone involved - happiness and joy one moment, a sense of panic and fear the next - with many thinking "what have I done" or "what has he done"........ 
Rally the troops, set up the nursery, try and take some time for yourself and focus on the joy this wee one will bring. 

The other good news is 5-W from Nature's Sunshine. This herbal combination has been designed specifically to aid women during the final stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

5-W contains herbs which promote the overall toning of uterine tissues in preparation for childbirth, and the calming of false contractions. 5-W also relieves pain, relaxes uterine muscle spasms, and reduces the anxiety and irritability often associated with childbirth.

5-W is recommended especially during the last five weeks of pregnancy to facilitate an easier delivery and quicker recovery, particularly in women with difficult or prolonged labor


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