Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
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Certifications and Awards Matter

Certifications and Awards Matter

At Nature’s Sunshine, quality has set us apart from the competition for decades. And residing in part of that space are several key certifications. But what do the letters and numbers really mean to you, me and your friends and followers online?

Research shows that 85% of people trust independent, third-party-certification organizations. So, it makes sense to use their expertise to help validate our awesomeness on the quality spectrum.

Additionally, we find that certifications help create a culture of quality. And since quality is one of our founding principles—something we have continually strived for since it all began in 1972—we don’t mind bolstering our reputation with certifications. 

Let’s take a minute to decode a few of our most important certifications and show you the quality and commitment behind our facility, processes, products and brand. 


Generally speaking, this body conducts unannounced audits every 6-36 months. That’s right. They walk in, show their badge and want to see anything and everything. FDA inspectors look at our physical plant, equipment and utensils, production, process control system, quality department, laboratory operations, batch records and distribution. They look at Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) too, checking to make sure we comply with Title 21 of the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations, which covers both food and dietary supplements. 

FDA audits can take up to several weeks to complete. But our audits are much shorter, thanks in part to our superior facility, protocols, documentation, track record and standards. Nature’s Sunshine has never received any Form 483s, a public record that the FDA uses to recommend a change to a process, procedure or standard.  


Considered by many to be the industry’s most stringent regulatory body, the TGA is deemed the gold standard. It’s Australia’s equivalent to the US Food and Drug Administration. This group holds us to “medicine standards” because in Australia, supplements are considered complementary medicine.  

TGA certification is based on a rigorous evaluation process that includes: 

  • Risk assessment 
  • Compliance to good manufacturing practices (GMPs) 
  • A thorough inspection of quality management, personnel, premises, equipment, documentation and reporting 
  • Inspection of production, quality control, adverse event monitoring and more 
  • Plus continued vigilance by means of ongoing audits 

We’re happy to say that Nature’s Sunshine consistently earns the highest possible ratings from the TGA. In fact, we have been TGA-certified for 20 years. Only a handful of companies can say the same. 


Also known as the Public Health and Safety Organization, this non-profit, non-governmental group is a leading third-party auditor of companies in the health and public safety sectors. They audit along the same lines as the FDA, but they provide both certifications and ratings. Their point scale is based on conformance.  

NSF has annually presented Nature’s Sunshine with its Good Manufacturing Certification, and we have received their highest rating for years. This means that NSF reps have evaluated product and ingredient safety. Their certification helps provide peace of mind through GMP compliance and declares that our facilities have been inspected by one of the most respected, independent certification organizations anywhere.  

ISO 9001 

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized certification given to manufacturers to denote quality management systems and clear processes. Inspectors examine the entire product journey from ideation to manufacturing and distribution. Recipients of this certification have a strong customer focus, work to improve efficiency, reduce waste, reduce defects, ensure quality products and strive for continuous improvement 

ISO 17025 

Nature’s Sunshine has four state-of-the-art Quality Control laboratories: vitamin, mineral, herb and microbiological. The ISO 17025 audit assesses labs and certifies that they have a good quality management system, including methods, and that our scientists are proficient in their testing techniques. This globally renowned certification truly sets us apart from the rest.  


Did you know that our Methods Development group has created testing methods for a variety of active constituents in different herbs or nutrients, and that other companies use our methods for testing? It’s true. We help set the bar for quality throughout the industry. 


Many types of businesses are subject to CGMPs. These include manufacturers of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and of course dietary supplements. In a nutshell, CGMPs focus on 5 core principles to ensure consistency and safety:  

  1. People 
  2. Premises 
  3. Processes 
  4. Products  
  5. Procedures

CGMPs help ensure that companies use proper monitoring and controls for their manufacturing facilities and processes. The FDA (along with the state of Utah) enforces the use of CGMPs and checks to see if companies are following these practices. 


Our manufacturing facility is certified to the US Department of Agriculture organic regulations’ National Organic Program (NOP). Their inspections monitor onsite practices and look for potential contamination by prohibited materials like pesticides, solvent residues and cleaning agents. Having the USDA Organic certification ensures a safe production environment for organic products.  

This facility certification allows us to package and sell products that are comprised of 100% certified organic ingredients and processing aids. 


Products marked Kosher (KO symbol) are certified by KO Kosher Service in Philadelphia, Pa. Their rabbis inspect our manufacturing plant every year and oversee production methods to ensure that kosher standards and procedures are being followed for our Kosher products.


The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) is a non-profit organization that designates which foods or supplements are permissible and lawful for consumption by Muslims. IFANCA representatives visit Nature’s Sunshine’s manufacturing plant annually to audit our ingredients, facilities, finished product formulas and our manufacturing operations. This includes reviewing sanitation procedures, cleaning agents and the handling of products. Products marked with the Halal symbol are deemed acceptable or approved for consumption by members of the Muslim faith.


The International Aloe Science Council monitors aloe product manufacturers to make sure they meet exacting certification standards for aloe vera products. Among other things, this US organization checks labels, verifies that formulas meet label claims, and tests products for quality. 


It’s nice to be recognized for our excellence in manufacturing. Nature’s Sunshine has also been noticed by different organizations as a great place to work.

Nature’s Sunshine Wins Multiple American Business (Stevie) Awards 

In 2021, Nature’s Sunshine was recognized as an employer that goes above and beyond to create a thriving culture, business and consumer experience.

We received a Silver Stevie Award for Employer of the Year in the Health Products and Services category, which celebrates the talent and contributions of teams across our organization that helped make us one of the world’s best employers.

We also earned a Bronze Stevie Award for Employer of the Year in the Manufacturing category, which pays deserving homage to the incredible dedication of our supply chain team as they managed to increase productivity in the face of a global pandemic.

Additionally in 2021, we earned the following American Business Awards: 

  • Gold Award for Website Achievement 
  • Gold Award for Achievement in Management 
  • Silver Award for Brand Renovation of the Year 
  • Silver Award for Achievement in Organization Recovery 
  • Bronze Award for Customer Service Team of the Year 
  • Bronze Award for Most Valuable Corporate Response (COVID)

Comparably Awards Add to Our Embarrassment of Riches 

Surveying employees from 70,000 companies, Comparably recognizes excellence in company culture when employees themselves vote for it. In 2021, Nature’s Sunshine earned four Comparably Awards that designate being in the top 100 for each category. 

  • Best Company Culture 
  • Best CEO 
  • Best Work-Life Balance 
  • Best Company Happiness


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