Xylitol looks and tastes like table sugar, but it's a natural, low-calorie, low-carb substitute.

Its remarkable properties stem from its unique molecular structure. Most sugar-like molecules have a six-carbon "hexose" unit. Xylitol is a five-carbon "pentitol" sugar. Because of its distinctive arrangement of atoms, bacteria cannot utilise it for energy. This chemical structure inhibits the ability of our bodies to fully metabolise it as well. For this reason, xylitol has a limited effect on blood sugar levels. Its low glycaemic index makes it a terrific solution for carb-counters as well as those trying to lose weight.

  • Indications for use

    Supplies 40% fewer calories than sugar

    Does not promote tooth decay

    Is safe for diabetics, hypoglycaemics, children and pregnant women

    Replaces sugar in most recipes and is heat stable

  • Ingredients

    100% granulated xylitol without any corn residue.

  • Recommended Dose

    Xylitol can be substituted for table sugar and other sweeteners without compromising taste or texture. It may take a few days for the body to become accustomed to digesting xylitol: until that time it is recommended that Xylitol be gradually introduced into the diet over a period of a few weeks.

  • Cautions

    This product and other products containing xylitol must not be given to pets

  • Further Information

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