Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
Nature's Sunshine Products est. 1972
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Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

For over 45 years, Nature’s Sunshine has been recognized as the industry standard for high-quality supplements. Investing in scientific study, innovation, clinical trials and supported by our world-renowned manufacturing expertise, Nature’s Sunshine is changing the way that herbal and nutritional supplements are developed.

Nature’s Sunshine’s hub of new product development is the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation. Outfitted with state of the art instrumentation, it combines the skills of accomplished scientists, researchers and medical professionals, and works alongside the Nature’s Sunshine’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board to pursue scientific discovery and advancement.

This research centre utilizes advanced technology to verify the identity, purity and potency of individual constituents to create synergistic combinations of ingredients and unique formulations that will undergo clinical studies to confirm their safety and efficacy. The multi-million-dollar Hughes Center allows scientists to analyze interactions between the body’s systems and nutritional supplements at a molecular level, thereby guiding discovery to the most bioactive and efficacious formulations.

The Nature’s Sunshine Medical and Scientific Advisory Board consists of a diverse range of world-renowned chemists, biologists, scientists and researchers. Their varied background and experiences offer a diverse blend of knowledge that provides valuable insight into current and emerging science and drives discovery and innovation in the development of revolutionary products. 

·         5,400 sq. ft. of office, laboratory and clinical space

·         Chemistry Laboratory – Providing quantitative analysis and identification of phytochemicals in herbal samples

·         Tissue Culture Laboratory – Determining how natural compounds interact with biological models

·         Cellular and Molecular Biology Laboratory 

·         4 PhD researchers, 2 Medical Doctors and additional scientists

·         Licensed clinical study monitor 

This combined powerhouse of medical professionals and state of the art facilities drives discovery and innovation in the development of revolutionary products that help to transform lives throughout the world. 

Nature’s Sunshine. Advancing the Science of Feeling Better

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