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This is the hallmark that separates Nature's Sunshine Products from all other herb-based products. No herbal product manufacturer in the country can surpass Nature's Sunshine when it comes to quality.

Nature's Sunshine buys raw materials from the most reputable suppliers in the world and has leading state-of-the-art quality control equipment and procedures in the industry, including safeguards that allow them to scrutinize and analyze from the incoming shipment of raw materials to the end-line product. Nature’s Sunshine does not support or participate in Genetic Modification of raw materials. All of the quality testing is completed in-house to ensure consistency of only potent, pure, and high-quality product id produced.

Because of this, Nature's Sunshine starts out with base ingredients and components of unquestionable quality. That's the only way they can be absolutely certain that every product leaving its facility reflects its "100% pure and potent" philosophy.

Nature’s Sunshine manufacture to pharmaceutical GMP standards, which guarantees the potency and purity you expect from a health product. The Nature’s Sunshine manufacturing facility in the USA is regularly audited by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and also audited by-annually by the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Products Authority). The USA facility carries the Australian TGA Certification for manufacturing.

There are 600 tests used to guarantee the quality standards that NSP insists on. A few of the main tests are: Ash testing, Gamma counter, Dissolution testing, E. Coli testing, Microbiological testing, Heavy Metal testing, Microscopy, Infrared Spectometry, Moisture testing, pH testing, Potency testing, Tablet disintegration, Volatile oil, Environmental testing, Gas Chromotography, Total Bacteria testing, Liquid Chromotography, Acid insoluble testing, and Finished Product Auditing.

You can be certain that any product you purchase from Nature's Sunshine will meet uniquely high standards for performance and excellence.

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