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Energ-V provides essential nutrition to the glandular, nervous and circulatory systems of the body. It works with these systems to promote normal energy metabolism and glucose utilization.

Kelp leaves and stems contain important micronutrients from the sea. It is particularly important to the thyroid, a gland acting as the body’s energy thermostat. Capsicum fruit supports circulation. 

  • Indications for use

    Supports the body’s energy-building system and may aid metabolism
    Provides nutrients that support the glandular system
    Supports circulatory health
    Nourishes the nervous system

  • Ingredients

    Per 2 capsules

    Proprietary Blend 900 mg

    Bee Pollen

    Gotu Kola Herb (Hydrocotyle asiatica)

    Kelp Plant (Ascophyllum nodosum & Laminaria digitata)

    Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

    Siberian Ginseng Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

    Yellow Dock Root (Rumex crispus)

    Barley Grass* (Hordeum vulgare)

    Rose Hips (Rosa canina)

    Schisandra Fruit (Schisandra chinensis)

    Capsicum Fruit (Capsicum annuum

    *Ingredients that are harvested as young grasses. The young grasses are harvested before the seeds are produced, so are generally free of gluten

  • Recommended Dose

    Adults: Take 2 capsules with a meal twice daily.

  • Cautions

  • Further Information

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