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Vitamin C is an important part of a healthy immune system and it is also used by the body to support tissue integrity by aiding in the manufacture of collagen .The adrenal glands require large amounts of this nutrient for optimal function. It is also involved in iron absorption and the synthesis of enzymes, hormones and proteins.

Chewable vitamin C comes in tablets made with vitamin C and orange juice that has been freeze dried to preserve natural nutrients. It is also mixed with rose hips and natural lemon and lime flavour and contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

  • Indications for use

    Provides nutritional support to the immune system

    Support against free radical damage


  • Ingredients

    Per 2 tablets

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, calcium ascorbate) 500mg

    Other ingredients: Fructose, sorbitol, freeze dried orange juice, xylitol, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, rose hips (Rosa canina), silicon dioxide (powered silica), natural orange flavour, natural lemon lime flavour

    Contains no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners

  • Recommended Dose

    Adults: Chew 2 tablets with a meal twice daily

    Children: Chew 1 tablet with a meal twice daily

    Chewable tablets are perfect for children and those people who have difficulty swallowing tablets


  • Cautions

  • Further Information

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