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Greens for the whole family

Kids, and some male folk – you know who you are - can become vegetable magicians, slipping peas to the pets, burying mushies under mash, and planting broccoli in the pot plants. Parents will often turn to sly and devious ways just to slide greens into the family diet and that’s because we know how important these nutritious superfoods are. Fruits and vegetables, especially dark...

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Blood Pressure

Today's fast past lifestyle is enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. House prices are rising, food costs are rising, rising rates of disease, raising children, the only things that aren’t rising are salaries and interest rates, and combined, that’s enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is a condition in which the pressure exerted...

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Travel Health

Sitting for long periods of time or stuck in a car all day can have us break a normal routine of good hydration, balanced nutrition and regular movement. Movement stimulates the gut, so sitting for long periods of time can cause bowel movements to become irregular. In turn, this can lead to unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, indigestion and gas. Those who have headed abroad,...

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Healthy Bowels

When it comes to topics of the “nether regions” addressing what is happening, and more importantly, what isn’t happening down there is not often a subject embraced with enthusiasm. If the bowels aren’t functioning quite as well as they should we often grin and bare it, hoping it will work itself out eventually. Unfortunately irregular bowel movements can lead to skin...

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  Is your hunger physical, emotional, or a little bit of both? Research is exploding with labeling the overeating experience.  One example reports people can be (1) a “social overeater” where you continue to eat with those around you in social situations; (2) “checked out” described as being disconnected from body cues and mindlessly overeating while...

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